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• Participants must have a good physical condition, have good endurance, good balance, and coordination.

• Maximum weight allowed is 230 lbs; if the participant is 6" tall or taller we can accept up to 250 lbs. We accept a maximum waistline of 42" and

a maximum thigh measurement of 26".

• Children less than 70 lbs. can do a tandem ride accompanied by one of our certified tour guides to make sure they make it across the ziplines.

• Persons with recent injuries, surgeries, pregnancies, or any other health or physical condition which makes performing the activity dangerous for

you and the group are not allowed to participate.

• You cannot participate if you suffer any impediments including heart problems, back problem, neck problems, respiratory ailments, epileptic

seizures,  have a weakness or medical problems with your legs, are blind or visually impaired, are hearing impaired, and/or are under the influence

of alcohol or drugs.

• Guests must be ambulatory. Wheelchairs (collapsible or electric) are not permitted. Ecoquest will deny participation to guests arriving in

wheelchairs or electric scooters.

• This activity in NOT recommended for participants afraid of heights. The participants are required to concentrate and follow instructions in

order to accomplish the zipline courses safely.


• We accept participants between 7 and 68 years of age for our Campo Rico Ziplining Adventure and our Campo Rico Sunset Ziplining

.• We accept participants between 11 and 65 years of age for our Campo Rico Cave Rappelling & Ziplining Safari.

• Please check our website for age requirements of other tours.

• Please be aware that most participants over the age of 65 (even very active ones) usually cannot keep up the required pace - cope with the harsh

terrain and regularly do not complete the adventure. This usually slows everyone down and can result in a safety hazard.

• Children under 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult (21 or over) who can sign a liability waiver for the minor in the presence of an Ecoquest authorize representative. All guests must fill out a waiver and medical questionnaire on the day of the activity.

• For safety reasons we take a maximum of 15 participants per session and we keep our groups together at all times. All the activities have to be performed to complete the adventure course in the rainforest.


• Your safety and enjoyment will depend greatly on following your guide's instructions.

• You will be informed of potential risks that may arise in the adventure (hiking trails, river journeys, ascent, and descent by rope) although this

does not necessarily guarantee the safety of these activities. Some hazards that you may encounter during the adventure are falling objects, insect

bites, irregular and unstable paths, rock slides, rivers that may surge at any given moment, branches, or other objects that may impede your

movement along trails and cliffs.

• Alcohol consumption, smoking or cellular usage are not allowed during the activity.

• Ecoquest is not responsible for personal items left on our premises. We do not store any belongings for our clients. Please carry with you only what is necessary for the tour including the method of payment.

• Guests are recommended to bring credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) and US dollar currency to purchase optional extras such as

beverages, T-shirts, souvenirs, etc.

• It is customary to leave a 15% gratuity tip in recognition of the exceptional service of our tour guides. It is always up to the guest to determine what they feel is an appropriate tip amount.

• If your reservation is less than 12 hours in advance of the tour, please call to check availability.

• Ecoquest website's discount coupons are not valid for customers booking through Rezdy Online Bookings.

• To help avoid your credit card being declined at the moment of payment, we recommend customers authorize the total charges with their

credit card company beforehand. Many credit card companies protect their customers from fraudulent charges and will not authorize charges

done outside of their country of origin.


• Our cancellation policy dictates that if the customer cancels less than 24 hours before the tour, the customer gets charged the full amount.
• If the customer cancels 24 hours or more before the tour, the customer gets charged a 20% of the total amount.
• If Ecoquest cancels the tour, the customer receives a full refund.

• No refunds or credits will be issued for no-shows on the day of the activity. No partial refunds or credits will be issued if the participant is unable to complete the adventure.

• Ecoquest reserves the right to cancel an activity if the minimum amount of participants is not completed 24 hours before the adventure or for safety reasons. Should this be necessary you will receive a full credit or refund.

• The adventure is not canceled due to rain. Only severe weather or any other unexpected natural disaster may result in the cancellation of the activity and you will not be charged.

• If a customer requests a rebooking the same day of the tour and the requested tour is available, each participant in the group will be charged a rebooking fee of $80.00. If the requested tour is not available we will not provide any refunds. We cannot guarantee availabilities for a requested tour rebooking.



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